New Pieces for MOD Studio

Late last year I started getting my hair done at MOD Studio in Greensboro.  I adore the girl that cuts my hair, and as is typical for hair sessions we’ve spent plenty of time talking.  I mentioned that I was part of the holiday art show at Green Bean.  I didn’t think about that conversation again.

Fast forward to early this year, and I’m getting purple streaks in my hair, and talking with my lovely hairdresser.  She asks if I’d be interested in hanging my art there.  Um, yeah.

We all agreed that my art fits the style of the place.  I lugged over a bunch of paintings – canvases and framed watercolors.  I also did two new pieces.

I started with the Afro Girl.  I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to do and went for it.  I hated it, changed it, hated it more, changed it more, then decided to leave well enough alone.  After some time, I came to like her.  Every time I glanced over at her, I saw some emotion in her face, and I realized I’d captured just what I’d been seeking.  It’s easy to get caught up in the details of color and shading and lines and whatever.  Step back and look at the whole image.

The Pixie Polka Dot girl was my antithesis to the Afro Girl.  Simple, simple, simple.  I knew the hair I’d do, and I knew the pink cheeks.  Otherwise I just set to work and put paint on canvas.


What do you think?


Art Collaboration

The littlest kid was in need of a gifts for his ballet friends – specifically the people that played his family in the Party Scene of The Nutcracker.  We decided to do a watercolor for each of them.

I did the drawings, then he did the watercolor.  I love doing the project with him, and I also love the end result.

I did his “dad” first.  Searching for reference online was very disappointing – there is a severe lack of art featuring male ballet dancers.  I had to piece together a few ideas and come up with my own thing.  I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out.


I followed that one up with another boy – this one for his Secret Santa gift.  I had no idea what a fourteen year old boy would like as a gift (as the little kid only just turned nine), and we figured since we were painting, we may as well do one for him.  Hopefully he likes it.  😉IMG_4056


It was easy to find reference for the girls.  Many many choices.  I pieced together a few ideas and did four drawings … two of which the little kid painted.

This one was for his “mom” who is also in the snow scene (if you aren’t familiar with all the parts of The Nutcracker, I apologize for my casual assuming references).  IMG_4063


For his “sister” I didn’t want to do a girl on pointe, because she’s young and not there yet.  I like the graceful feel of this one, and thought it was a little more youthful.  Sweet.IMG_4064



Coffee Shop Adoration

The Green Bean – downtown Greensboro, NC – is hanging my art from now until January 1st. They’ve been so kind to me in the past, and shown my work twice in the past. This time around it’s part of the “Gifted Greensboro” show, encouraging local folks to buy holiday gifts from local artists.

I’m thrilled. Green Bean is great, and I love the vibe and the coffee and the service. Being part of this show is just such a gift to ME.



I can’t wait to go in and see the art on the walls. I can’t wait for YOU to go see the art at the Green Bean!!

Pink Cheeks, a collection

I had a pocket of free time yesterday and sat down to create.  It turned into most of the day.  Thankfully the children were content playing on their own.  They’re good about watching me work, slinging out compliments along with honest opinions, and waiting patiently for their late lunch.  I was able to devote the time needed to do this project.

I sat down with four pieces of water color paper and a vague idea.

I sketched the faces first.


Then I added the skin color and pink cheeks. I knew what I wanted for the cheeks. That was the basis for the whole collection of images.


Blue hair seemed to go best with her sad expression.

I wasn’t sure if pink hair would be too much pink. But I love it.

Green hair was a stretch, somehow, for me. More so than the pink or blue. But I thought it suited her.

Oh, orange beard. Such a paper fella. And see? I can include a guy in my art. Not all girls. 😉

The collection all together. Now what to do with them …

Nature Journaling

Inspired by this oh so lovely book:  Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman,  (thank you to my mother for the recommendation), I have begun my own watercolor nature journal.  I love every page of Rothman’s book, and use it as curriculum for homeschooling as well as painting ideas.

I’ve done three entries so far.  The first a diagram of the earths movement and tracking of the seasons.  I am very season oriented, moving through the year within that cycle.


The second painting I did was of snowflakes.  We had a late Winter snow (so close to Spring!!  yet still so far away), and I felt compelled to do this one.

Today I did the third page, a simple sketch of flower anatomy with a scattering of wildflowers.



a few of my favorite things

We rearranged some furniture in our house (this was a few months ago).  When we moved the filing cabinet from it’s odd placement between a bookshelf and a table I remembered why we had put it there – to cover a bad spot on the wall.  Years before I had placed a peel and stick dry erase calendar on the wall to use for the kids/homeschool.  When I took it down I saw that the marker had seeped through and stained the wall.  Oops.

So now we wanted to move the furniture that had hid the spot and I was left with the ugly markered stains uncovered.  What’s a girl to do?

Rather than repaint the entire wall I went for a mural.

It’s in the space between the kitchen and the school room.  It’s at a weird place, much lower than you would ever hang a picture.  I wasn’t sure at first what I wanted to do – but the idea of an owl and books made perfect sense.

It started out a little amorphous.  It stayed that way for months.  I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave it be, fade the blue into the wall color, add a frame, or what.  So I left it alone.


A couple weeks ago it occurred to me the perfect thing to do would be a frame. I wanted to do a swirly golden frame – a play on something fancy. I drew it on free hand.

IMG_5162 IMG_5164 IMG_5189

When I think of swirly golden frames mocking at being fanciful, the first one that comes to mind is the one around Monica’s peephole. It was really fun to paint. I actually love the mural so much more now. The darker blue (which happened while trying to even up lines and spread the blue to the edges of the frame) made the white of the owl really pop. The yellows of the frame are a wonderful contrast to the blue and really brings the whole thing together.


The craziest part? I’ve already started a group of flowers a little higher on the wall. Husband and I agreed that that entire wall should be filled – over time with a natural progression – with paintings. We envision it like an old school tattoo sleeve, each image it’s own, and in the end pulled together with a cohesive background.

a watercolor of shadow and color

I’ve had a little extra down time over the holidays, which is the perfect time to fit in new paintings.  I had just finished a piece on my wall with acrylics, so I was in the mood to work on a watercolor.  I also love that I can do a watercolor start to finish in one sitting.  Acrylics on canvas (or my wall) always take me several sessions.

My last several art attempts have been in trying to balance color, in using blues and reds as the colors.  The first was with pencils, and I decided pretty quickly into the project that I wanted to switch to something a little softer.  The next was with watercolors, but I think my color choices were too bright, or maybe the colors had too much contrast.  (I don’t know what I’m talking about, I just know I didn’t love the outcome).  I think this has been the best yet, which just goes to show that you have to keep trying.  In every effort I learn something and know what I want to do differently the next time.

This girl, she’s much closer to what I have been going for in style and color.  I think she’s one of the best I’ve done in terms of shadows as well.  Maybe with practice this will continue to improve.

*Shameless Self Promotion:  Prints will be available at Society6 soon!

IMG_5287 IMG_5285 IMG_5286IMG_5281