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In general I don’t start a new piece if I already have a work in progress.  However, I have lost steam on the current piece, and have started work on a commissioned one.  

So far the new one looks like this:

IMG_3704 It’s a watery background for a girl/mermaid/something with a “riot of color” to come.  (My children will be doing a full day summer camp in a couple weeks and I plan to get some work done on it then).  

Also, just found out about this opportunity to enter an art contest for the National Figure Skating Championships coming to our town early next year.  I think it will be fun to work on a poster design and worthwhile to take the risk in entering the contest.

I’ve been writing a lot more than I’ve been drawing, so there is a lack of work to share with you.  IMG_3707

Girl, Set in Ink

I had a little time last night and this morning to work on a sketch. I’ve been wanting to do one for a long time now with words scrolling across the page as well as the girl.

The girl is drawn and shadowed in pencil. The words are in ink.



Source: Brandi Carlile, Let it Bend Before it Breaks, and Passenger, Coins in a Fountain. Also a few of my own words thrown in for good measure.

Kiva Loan, giving back

The summer time bee and jar watercolor sold. I used the money toward a Kiva loan.

Here’s the woman I choose to lend the money too, and I hope you’ll consider contributing to her loan as well:

Kiva is a neat program. The money gets paid back. Each time we get our money back, we lend it again. (We have a different account as a family and let the kids pick who we lend to each time. I made a separate account for my art money).

Here’s a close up of the bee and top of the jar.


If you’d like to purchase a print of this piece, you can do that at Society 6.

Summer Solstice Watercolor

Summer Solstice Watercolor

As we usher in Summer – always my absolute favorite time of year – I felt inspired to play with watercolors.

I sat down with no plan at all. I did the jar, then added the contents, and finished with the bee.

My son assumed the liquid was honey. My mom seemed to think honey or lemonade. What do you think?

To my complete pleasure and surprise, after posting this on Instagram, I immediately had a friend offer to buy it!! It’s so odd and fun to have my art spreading around the country and showing up on other people’s walls.



Playing around, a tbt

I haven’t been working on much new stuff (in case you don’t already know this, I am a very busy person with most of my time devoted to two very busy small people). I’ll keep hitting you up with the Throwback Thursday’s in the mean time. *I am over half way through a new painting, for what it’s worth, and hope to finish it soon. So I will have something new to share. ;)

This drawing today isn’t too far of a throwback, just from about a month ago. I got this neat paper from my tattoo artist – he’s thoughtful like that, thinking I’d like to draw on it, because it’s great for shading. (Back story: he’d drawn a couple pictures for my kids as gifts, and they were on this type of paper, then he gave me the paper). Anyway … I forgot I had it, the special paper, and finally got around to trying it out. I love it!

So now my problem is that I can’t remember what kind of paper it is! LOL I’ll have to ask him and order some for myself. :)


just a girl

just a girl

I have been accused of only drawing/painting girls. That is not 100% true (prime example being Bearjo, a male bear with a banjo). However, yes, I do primarily draw girls. I draw what I feel like drawing, what I’m pulled to draw, what has some sort of emotion or meaning to me. Usually that translates into a girl. I’m not gonna over think it.

So here is yet another girl. Just a simple sketch from my book. I doubt I’ll work her up into anything more. She was practice.

Throwback Thursday: yoga girls

Throwback Thursday:  yoga girls


One of the first pieces I worked on – I mean really worked on – were these yoga girls. I had been drawing in my sketch books for sometime. But to take something out of the sketch book. To add color. To try to work it up into something more. That was brand new. I did the two of these.

As usual, after finishing them, I decided I hated them. Mostly just thought the paper was too busy a background. I don’t hate the girls. I spent a lot of time studying my yoga anatomy book to get the poses right. I tried to make them my own style, with the traditional tattoo hair, and vintage circus outfits.

Being something of a lot of firsts, these were also some of my first experiments in using markers. I didn’t really know what I was doing with the markers (still don’t actually … much more practice needed in that area).







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